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Repair of TVs. How to choose a service center?

Today it is impossible to imagine life without a TV, and in most cases it is he who is most often used in the house. As a result, overuse and misuse become the main causes of breakdowns and service calls.

But how to choose a service center? What breakdowns are considered the most common and what are the features of their elimination? Experts of the company Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket will try to answer these and other questions, which repairs TVs, as well as repairs other household appliances.

Features of TV repair
The first thing that the master does when taking the device for repair is diagnostics in order to identify the causes of the malfunction, since this is the key to successful repairs. And here you have two options for service centers - some take money for diagnostics, others, on the contrary, do it for free, such as the Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket company. In the latter case, you pay only for the repair.

After the wizard determines the cause of the failure of the TV, he proceeds to eliminate it. Please note that after the diagnosis, the service center must contact the client, name the exact cause of the breakdown and the final cost of all work, and only after agreement with the customer proceed with the repair.

The problem is that many service centers refuse to name the exact cost of work, calling only approximate figures. As a result, the final amount may significantly exceed the customer's capabilities or make the repair pointless, due to the high cost. Therefore, be sure to ask for the exact cost of repairs - after all, this is the meaning of diagnostics - to identify the malfunction and determine the method and cost of its elimination.

How to choose a service center?
The quality of service and the durability of your TV depends on the choice of the SC. Therefore, before contacting this or that company, consider several important criteria.

Contact only official companies with a physical address and a license to provide customer service services.
An additional plus is if it is an authorized SC of some well-known brand. In this case, you will get the opportunity for free warranty service. In addition, this indicates that this SC has been certified for compliance with high requirements that relate to technical equipment, material resources and the level of customer service.
Provision of a guarantee for repairs. This means that if your TV, after repair, fails again during the warranty period, the SC undertakes to repair it on its own and completely free of charge again. For example, Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket gives its customers a 6 month repair warranty, which is quite a lot compared to other competitors.

Find out about the possibility of a foreman leaving for home repairs. Very often, customers do not have the opportunity and time to independently deliver the device to the workshop, in this case, the service of the master's visit to the house will be very useful, especially when it comes to repairing large household appliances.

Efficiency of repair. The sooner a technician repairs your TV, the better. According to the experts of Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket, they fix most of the faults on the same day. But, of course, it all depends on the availability of spare parts and the complexity of the repair.
Customer reviews. Before contacting the SC, be sure to read the reviews - they can tell a lot about the quality of the services provided, and the possible problems that other clients have previously encountered.

Work experience. The longer the SC provides repair services, the more trust it has from customers. For example, it is unlikely that Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket could have operated for more than 10 years if it provided poor quality services.
So, let's summarize and briefly repeat the main criteria for choosing a SC:

  • official company status
  • provision of guarantees
  • minimum repair time
  • acceptable cost
  • extensive experience and professional approach to the problem
  • a large number of positive reviews from customers.
  • The most common TV breakdowns

Distortion, clouding or complete absence of the image when working with sound. Most often this is the fault of a faulty inverter, which is connected to the matrix and supplies power to it. In addition, these may be defects in individual matrix systems, such as LED backlighting.
The TV does not turn on and the power indicator is off. A blown fuse, a damaged power cord, a burnt out power board from a voltage surge, poor contact in the outlet - these are just some of the reasons why the TV may not work
Power indicator is on TV is not working. Most likely this is a problem with one of the elements of the motherboard. Sometimes, it is enough to replace the capacitor, and sometimes a complete replacement of the board with subsequent reprogramming of the system is required.
Software errors. Solved by correct setting, general software restartzky (reset to factory settings) or by replacing the firmware.

Breakdowns caused by noise or voltage surges.
Whatever the breakdown, experts do not recommend solving it on your own if there is no appropriate knowledge for this, since very often such actions lead to irreversible damage, after which the device cannot be restored. It is better to entrust the repair to real specialists who will breathe a second life into it.

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